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Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 AT-X DX Lens - Nikon Fit

Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 AT-X DX Lens - Nikon Fit
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The new Tokina AT-X 107 DX is a fish-eye zoom lens that has beedn designed specifically for digital SLRs with an APS-C sized sensor. At the 10mm end of the zoom this Tokina lens gives the photographer a 180 degree diagonal field of view and a full-frame “fish-eye” effect. With this lens an entire view or vista can be captured, wider than the human eye can see. The AT-X 107 opens an entirely new dimension of photography. Please note, this lens is not suitable for 35mm film SLR cameras, or for digital cameras with larger sensors, e.g. Nikon D700 and D3 cameras. AF not supported by D40 and D60 cameras.


  • Ultra Wide Angle
    • This lens enables the shooting of full-frame fisheye images with a 180° angle of view and a focal length of 10mm. Furthermore, the lens offers super wide-angle performance that allows photographer to make use of dramatic changes in angle of view resulting from slight changes in focal length.
    • Equivalent focal length of 15mm-25.5mm in 35mm format, when used with Nikon digital SLR cameras.
  •  High Optical Performance
    • Employing ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, this lens effectively compensates to overcome chromatic aberration throughout the image. And with improved optical architecture and a ghost-free lens coating, ghosting and flare are suppressed to produce clear, high-quality images.
  • Exclusive Digital Design
    • The image circle of the lens has been created to match the smaller image recording area of digital SLR cameras. This ensures precise optical performance ideally suited to the camera's digital imaging characteristics.
  • WP Coating
    • WP (Water Proof) coating made of a special fluoride compound has been applied to the front surface of the new lens through the use of a unique evaporation process. As a result, the lens offers excellent water- and oil-repellent performance and makes for easier cleaning should the lens be accidentally smeared with fingerprints or cosmetics.
  • Super Macro
    • An internal focus system allows photographers to focus from as close as approx. 1" (approx. 2.5 cm), giving them the power to fill the whole frame with surprisingly small subjects.

  • Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 AT-X DX Lens - Nikon Fit
    Front and Rear Lens Cap
    Lens Hood
    User Manual
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