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Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP Di USD VC Macro Lens - Nikon Fit (F004NII)

Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP Di USD VC Macro Lens - Nikon Fit (F004NII)
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The Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP Di USD Macro Lens features redesigned optics, a VC n(Vibration Compensation) system, a USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) and a nmoisture-resistant construction. Adopting a state-of-the-art optical design and na rounded diaphragm, this lens carries on the tradition of Tamron’s 90mm Macro nlens in delivering stunning blur effects. The two XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) nglasses and one LD (Low Dispersion) element ensure chromatic aberrations are to na minimum and images are crisp and clear. The VC (Vibration Compensation) image nstabilisation mechanism reduces camera shake to deliver sharp images. The ’SP’ nin the title indicates it is one of Tamron’s top-line ‘Special Performance’ nlenses and ‘Di’ stands for Digitally Integrated, which means this lens can be nused on cameras with full frame and APS-C sized sensors. The Tamron 90mm F2.8 nMacro lens allows you to take natural portraits and stunning close-up photos of nflowers and insects.

Di (Digitally Integrated)
Is the designation Tamron puts non lenses featuring optical systems designed to meet the performance ncharacteristics of digital SLR cameras as well as film cameras. These lenses may nbe used on cameras with full format (FF) or APS-C sensors (with a crop factor nrelative to the camera).


SP (Super Performance)
Professional class lens; currently nthe best lenses made by Tamron for the consumer market.


LD Low Dispersion
LD Elements are produced of special nglass materials which possess an extremely low color dispersion index (a unit nwhich measures the ability of a glass to separate a beam of light in its nspectral colors). LD elements compensate for chromatic aberration, which is nparticularly a problem with telephoto lenses. Chromatic aberration is a form of noptical noise which reduces the sharpness and the brilliance of an image.


Tamron’s USD works with high-frequency ultrasonic nvibrations which are produced by a ring called a ‘stator’. Energy from the nvibrations is used to rotate an attached metallic ring known as a ‘rotor’. nPiezoelectric ceramic, an element that produces ultrasonic vibrations when nvoltage of a specific frequency is applied is arranged in a ring formation on nthe stator. This electrode configuration of piezoelectric ceramic causes two nultrasonic vibrations to occur in the stator. By effectively combining these two nultrasonic vibrations, it is possible to convert the energy from the vibrations nthat produced simple motion into energy known as ‘deflective traveling waves’, nwhich then moves around the circumference (rotation direction) of the ring. With nthe USD, the friction between these deflective traveling waves created on the nmetallic surface of the stator and the surface of the rotor produce force, ncausing the rotor to rotate. The focusing ring of the lens, which is linked to nthe rotor, is thus moved, creating a fast and smooth auto-focus drive.


VC Vibration Compensation
The VC (vibration nCompensation) mechanism is a Tamron development which ensures an effective ncompensation for camera vibrations. Especially hand-held, low-light and tele nphotography is susceptible for camera shake and consequent blurred results, due nto the required longer shutter speeds. Under these photographic conditions the nVC mechanism can unfold to its full efficiency.

Zoom or PrimePrime
Focal length - wide (mm)90
Focal length - tele (mm)90
Max aperture - wide2.8
Max aperture - tele2.8
Autofocus motorYes
Lens mountNikon Fit
Image stabilisationYes
Filter thread (mm)58
Minimum focus distance0.3m
Weight (g)550
Size114.5 x 122.9 mm
Minimum aperture32
Lens elements14
Lens groups11
Aperture blades9
Focus mechanismUSD
Enlargement Ratio1:1

Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP Di USD VC Macro Lens - Nikon Fit (F004NII)
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