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Fuji Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 XF R Fujinon Lens

Fuji Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 XF R Fujinon Lens
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The Fuji 23mm f1.4 XF R Fujinon Lens is a fast wide-angle lens designed to specifically for your Fuji X-mount compact system camera. The lens is suitable for a vast amount of applications, including landscapes, portraits, travel and night photography. The fast maximum f/1.4 aperture allows you to capture beautifully crisp stills and movies handheld, even in low light conditions. The rounded seven-blade diaphragm ensures smooth bokeh even when shooting portraits or product shots at a medium aperture to maintain reasonable depth-of-field.  

The key features

Ideal focal length for day to day shooting

  • The versatile focal length equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm format means you can enjoy both a wide-angle and telephoto approach by using your own feet to adjust the distance or angle with the subject matter

Distance indicator suitable for quick shots

  • The Fujinon XF23mmF1.4 R features a camera-to-subject distance indicator and a depth-of-field scale on the barrel. Both are useful when manually pre-focusing to capture a fast moving subject, or minimize the shutter lag to capture a fleeting moment
  • The minimum working distance of around 28cm also makes this lens ideal for close-up shots

High speed autofocus

  • The lens uses an internal focusing system for high speed autofocus. The focusing lens group consists of three cemented lens elements and one aspheric lens element to keep weight down while the built-in high-torque DC coreless motor delivers ultra-fast AF performance

Compact size and premium design

  • The Fujinon XF23mmF1.4 R weighs 300g and measures just 63mm in length making it the most compact and lightweight lens of its class
  • Metal parts are used for the focus and aperture rings, which are designed to give just the right amount of torque and feel in use
  • The large front element gives the premium look of a fast lens, reminiscent of classic lenses from the past
  • Lens TypePrime Wideangle
    Focal length - wide (mm)23
    Focal length - tele (mm)23
    Max aperture - wide1.4
    Max aperture - tele1.4
    Minimum aperture16
    Minimum focus distance (m)0.28
    Sensor formatAPS-C
    Lens mountFuji X
    Lens elements11
    Lens groups8
    Aperture blades7
    Filter thread (mm)62
    Autofocus motorYes
    Size72 x 63 mm
    Weight (g)300

Fuji 23mm f1.4 XF R Fujinon Lens
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