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Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R

Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R
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  • Measures Flash, LED, HMI, Fluorescent
  • Measures Tungsten, Natural Light
  • 100' PocketWizard Triggering Range
  • 4.3" Touchscreen, Color Spectrum Graph

Intended for photographers, videographers, cinematographers and gaffers, the C-700R SpectroMaster Spectrometer for Photo/Video/Cine from Sekonic is an advanced field meter capable of reading all light sources whether they're LED, flash, incandescent, HMI, fluorescent or in the natural light spectrum. Most importantly, it's a practical lighting tool that analyzes the light source using 9 different display modes on its 4.3" color touchscreen, indicating specifically what you need to do to achieve your desired effect. Additionally the C-700R employs radio technology to wirelessly trigger a PocketWizard-connected flash at distances up to 100'. The meter's CMOS sensor enables measurement in increments as fine as 1nm and allows capture of color spikes in the light output - an especially valuable function when working with LED, HMI, fluorescent lighting and mixed sources.

The SpectroMaster has very impressive accuracy, repeatability and response specs and a wide range of values in all modes. Flash units can be triggered at distances up to up 100' (30 m) using the optional PocketWizard wireless triggering system. Any flash can be triggered and measured with a touch of the meter's measuring button. Selective zone control can even trigger individual flashes in a group or the entire group simultaneously. Ambient light has a wide 1.0 to 200,000 lux range (0.09 to 18,600 fc). The intuitive color touchscreen offers access to the meter's many functions including a Spectrum graph, CRI, Camera Filter, Lighting Filter, White Balance Compensation and comparison of multiple lights.

Text mode offers screen display of color temperature, lux or fc, color compensation and light balancing filters for your targeted color temperature. CRI also has a dedicated screen that displays standard color reference values (including R1 thru 15) as a percentage of the light source's ability to reproduce a color accurately, as compared to the Ra standard. The Camera Filter and Lighting Filter Screens display actual Rosco, Lee, Kodak Wratten and Fuji filter designations.

Flash Measurement with Wireless Triggering
The C-700R measures virtually all light sources including flash and better yet it can wirelessly trigger the flash at distances up to 100' using units with attached PocketWizard receivers or transceivers or built-in PocketWizard technology. The meter's selective zone control can even trigger and evaluate individual flashes in a group or the all of the units in the group simultaneously
Selecting Radio Channels
ControlTL Channels:
The C-700R is designed for use with the PocketWizard radio system. There are 20 channels for FCC & IC, and 3 for CE. You can set 3 zones (A, B and C) for each channel.
Standard Channels:
There are 32 PocketWizard meter channels. Channels 1 - 16 are single channels. Channels 17 - 32 can have 4 zones (A, B, C, D).
Precise LED, HMI Fluorescent, Tungsten and Natural Light Measurement
The C-700R incorporates a CMOS linear sensor, that measures and evaluates the true color temperature of a light source from 380 to 780 nanometers in 1nm output wavelength increments, capturing spikes in output conventional light sources as well as fluorescent, HMI and LED sources
Wide Measuring Range of Color Temperature and Illuminance
A wide correlated color temperature range (1,600 to 40,000K) and illuminance (1 to 200,000 lux) offers the flexibility and accuracy to measure any constant light source in any demanding studio or on-location production
Various Displays
  • The Text Screen displays user selected measurement values. Real time measurements appear and are updated after every reading, next to their light measurement values
  • The Main Screen offers quick selection of many of the C-700R's functions at a touch of a finger
  • The CRI Screen displays the standard color reference values (including R1 thru 15) as a percentage of the light sources ability to reproduce a color accurately, as compared to the Ra standard
  • The Spectrum Screen displays the spectral energy distribution of a source in real time. It can be displayed as a graph and data or full screen
  • SensorCMOS linear image sensor
    Spectral Wavelength Range380 to 780 nm
    Output Wavelength Pitch1 nm
    Display4.3" (11 cm) color dot matrix LCD color touchscreen
    Resolution: 480×800 dots
    Measuring RangeAmbient light: 1.0 to 200,000 lux (0.09 to 18,600 fc)
    Flash: 20 to 20,500 lux
    AccuracyCCT: Illuminance: +/-5 % +/- (1 to 3,000 lux), +/- 7.5 % MK +/- 1 digit (3,000 to 200,000 lux) of displayed value
    CCT: +/- 4 MK-1 (standard illuminant A, 800 lux)
    RepeatabilityIlluminance: 1% +1 digit (30 to 200,000 lux), 5% +1 digit (1 to 30 lux) of displayed value
    CCT: 2 MK-1 (500 to 100,000 lux)
    CCT: 4 MK-1 (100 to 500 lux)
    CCT: 8 MK-1 (30 to 100 lux)
    CCT: 17 MK-1 (5 to 30 lux)
    Visible-region Relative Spectral ResponseWithin 9.0 %
    Cosine ResponseWithin 6.0 %
    Temperature DriftIlluminance: +/- 3 % of displayed value CCT: +/- 12 MK-1 (standard illuminant A, 1,000 lux)
    Humidity DriftIlluminance: +/- 3 % of displayed value
    CCT: +/- 12 MK -1 (standard illuminant A, 1,000 lux)
    Power Source2x AA 1.5 V (not included), USB bus power
    Measurement TimeAmbient max.: 15 sec.
    Ambient min.: 0.5 sec.
    Flash: 1 to 1/500 sec. in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps or fixed 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400 sec. settings
    Measuring ModesText mode, Spectral graph mode, CRI mode, Lighting Filter mode, Camera Filter mode, Spectral Comparison mode, Multi Lighting mode, White Balance mode, Flash mode
    Other FunctionsDigital/Film mode, data memory: 99 data, preset function, auto power off, auto dimmer
    On-Screen Display LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified)
    InterfaceUSB 2.0
    Operating Temperature14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
    Approvals and RatingsClass A of JIS C 1609-1:2006 (illuminance meter part 1)
    Radio FrequencyStandard System
    FCC and IC
    Ch. 1 to 16, 344.04 MHz
    Ch. 17 to 32, 346.5 - 354 MHz
    Ch.1 to 16, 433.62 MHz
    Ch. 17 to 32, 434.22 MHz
    ControlTL System
    FCC and IC
    Ch. 1 to 4, 344 to 346 MHz
    Ch. 5 to 20, 341.5 to 351 MHz
    Ch. 1 to 3, 433.42 - 434.42 MHz
    Dimensions2.87 x 7.2 x 1.0" (73 x 183 x 27 mm) (body)
    1.57" (40 mm) (light receptor depth)
    Weight230g (without batteries)

    Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R
    CD-ROM with Operating Manual and C-700 Series Utility
    Soft Case
    Camera Calibration Software
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